Keep your fishing gear attached to your boat,  jet ski, or kayak!  This strong stainless steel tether will greatly reduce the chance of loss of equipment while travelling.


I've been using this style of tether myself. I tried several ones available locally, and found the flexible "bungy" fabric and coiled wire types unsuitbale for my fishing use. After using this design now for over 18 months in extreme sea conditions, I decided to make these available for other fishing craft users. 


These stainless tethers are designed to secure your gear to your ski or boat. The clip for securing your gear is easily attached or removed with a single hand. Caribiner- style clips are very difficult to remove without using two hands, so  they just don't cut it for fishing!


The locking clip on the other end works well  as it stops the chance of removing the wrong clips by accident and losing the tether overboard.  It has a screw barrel to stop the clip being removed by accident.


I chose the length to match the needs of fishing from jet skis, but will suit other craft. Longer or shorter ones are just unsuitable, get in the way, or cost too much for the need.




- 45mm Stainless steel clip: can easily be attached and removed with single hand

- 45mm D-shackle for semi-permanent fastening

- 750mm of 3mm nylon-coated stainless wire

- Aluminium crimps


Instructions for use:

- Secure to a reel handle, or loop around the reel and rod and clip back on the cable, or use a thick cable tie loop on the rod handle to give you an attachment point.

- fix the locking clip end to any strong point on your craft, or loop it around a fixed point and fasten back on the cable.



Stainless Fishing Gear Tether

  • - The tether is quite strong, so do not use use it in any posiiton where it could cause injury to yourself or other pasengers on your craft.

    - Use thread lock on the locking clip,  as the tether cables will be subject to extreme vibration when used on a jet ski or boat. This will ensure that the tether will not be able to be removed by accident.