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Protect your valuable fishing reels from saltwater damage!  These covers are made from water-resistant polyester and vinyl, and have dual velcro seals to stay securely on your cover when traveling at high speed.


Field-tested by many jetfishers Australia-wide, they are already proven to reduce water intrusion, and extend reel service intervals. The covers have a loop tab to allow you attach a tether so you can secure them to them to your ski or boat to prevent loss at speed -or getting washed overboard when not attached!


One size fits most spinning and overhead reels on the market with the exception of larger game reels. 


Please note your reels may still get wet while out fishing and riding. The covers are designed to stop the 'water-blasting" effect that results in saltwater intrusion. Even expensive or well-sealed reels can benefit from these covers. These reels often have bearings in the bail arm rollers and these are very susceptible to water intrusion.



Expess Postage Australia wide $12 AUD ( fits 4 covers) 


International shipping is available.  USA/Canada. $24 AUD up to 4 covers.

Other countries POA. Trade enquiries welcome.

Jetfisher Fishing Reel Covers

  • Although the reel covers are proven to last under the extreme conditions of offshore fishing, some basic care will keep them in top shape.  Wash them in cold fresh water after each use, hang out in the shade to dry, and always store dry. Do not leave them in the sun unless in use or other times that are necessary to protect your reels.

  • Sooner or later, every jetfisher is likely to lose equipment overboard! Mistakes happen, rod holders break, and your favourite combo goes over the side! Our advice is to tether everything! Tethers are cables that attach to your ski and your equipment to minimise the loss.  

    Jetfisher covers have a strong fabric tab that allow you to run a tethenr through and then attach to your rod. Do not rely on tethering only the reel cover alone. Velcro is good, but not as good as the extreme forces that water can have when you are travelling at speed!  So tether through the reel cover tab and secure the rod at the strongest point.

    Last, do not tether to the fitting being used to hold the rod.  Stainless and plastic rod holders can and will break due to the forces that they come under from rough weather conditions. The tether should be fixed to a strong part of the ski, and not the holder. I know- I have lost several of my favourite rod/reels in my time on the sea!