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There are sunhoods for Sounders on the market, but these do nothing to protect your valuable electronics. Take the step up and maximise the life and re-sale value of your expensive Fish Finder/Sounder!


Your Fish Finder/Sounder is your eyes on the sea bottom -and your navigator. Saltwater can penerate these units through normal usage, as the positioning on a jetski or open boat puts them directly in the path of spray and waves.




Fish Finder/Sounders that are removeable are particularly at risk of saltwater intrusion on the mount /base/ cradle's electronic terminals.  These covers are designed to keep as much water as possible off the unit and out of direct sun, protecting your expensive hi-tech equipment from the ravages of sun and saltwater.


Made from a waterproof canvas, the Rusler Protective cover wraps around your Fish Finder/Sounder for a comfortable snug fit that also protects the electronic connectors.


The cover also features a stainless steel wire infused visor, and side panes for strength and shape adjustment. The generous size of the visor peak provides maximum shade protection against sun strike making optimum screen viewing from all angles all day long.


The velcro straps afford an adjustable tightening system for added security.


We custom make our protective covers in New Zealand to fit your own make and model Fishfinder/Sounder for the price shown.


We now have an extensive range of patterns to fit almost every made and model on the market or can modify to suit. Please ensure you confirm your make and model when ordering to avoid delays.


**Ordering Information - Please read

1. Please select the size to receive the pricing:


Medium: for 4/5/6/7/8/9"  sounders

Large: for 10/11/12" 

Extra Large   14" or larger


2. Please add the brand and exact model number of your sounder


3. Because there are so many units on the market, and the units change shape very frequently, these covers are made to order. The units are hand made in New Zealand from quality marine canvas and stainless wire hood stiffeners.


We know how you hate waiting for product, so we now only offer an express delivery service via DHL. The cover will take around  4-5 business days to make, and then generally 5-7 days international freight depending on your location in Australia.


Please note the freight charges for Sounder Covers are set at $20 AUD for both regular post and Express. We have decided that regular post option offered no tracking and had unreliable delivery times for this trans-Tasman postage. We now only offer DHL service at our actual cost. The service times are far better , and delivery far more reliable.  (The regular post option is not able to be removed from the website due to a limtation in the e-commerce back-end)


Delivery to PO boxes may take additional 5-10 days. S


Currently we can offer no Local Pickup. 

Interational buyers: please enquire and we can get a quote based on your location.


We aim to deliver a quality product in the shortest amount of time to you.




**Please note these covers do not make your sounder “waterproof”! They do however go a long way to reducing the chance of saltwater spray or splash making it onto the sounder unit. No warranty is implied or given for the electronic unit when using the covers.**



The photos shown are fitted to a Lowrance Elite 7Ti2, Raymarine A77, and Garmin 95SV UHD,  the baby Humminbird 385 CIDI,  Garmin GPSmap 8412

Fish Finder/Sounder Extreme Sun & Salt Cover

  • Fitting:  Rusler Protector Covers (RPC) for Fishfinders/Sounders are custom made from an acrylic waterproof canvas to the dimensions and specification of the make and model provided when ordering. It is important to note the RPC is designed to fit UNDER & INSIDE the mounting bracket of your unit.

    The RPC are designed to provide Sun strike protection against the screen by way of the visor peak and overlapping side panels. The depth of the back panel is to protect the terminal connectors against water penetration . We have infused a stainless steel wire into the visor for strength and minor adjustments, and the back panel has a drawstring with a clamping toggle to ensure a tight fit. The underneath velcro straps add further support for a secure fit..

    1. Remove your Sounder unit from the mounting bracket and fit the RPC over the unit with the velcro straps firmly in place.

    2. Mark where the side mounting screws are located on the side panels of the RPC

    3. Burn holes in these locations using a red hot nail, soldering iron, or punch a hole with a sharp tool. The hot tools also seal the waterproof canvas fabric against fraying

    4. Reassemble the RPC onto the mounting bracket by way of the side mounting screw lining up with the designated burnt holes ;

    5. Secure a tight fit with the underneath velcro straps and finally the rear drawstring toggle.

    Care After use always wash the cover in fresh water. When storing the watercraft, unfasten the velcro adjustments on the bottom of the Sounder screen and loosen the drawstring tab to allow air to circulate around the Sounder.  The cover will have a longer life if stored out of direct sun.

    Before Usage As part of your pre-launch checks, fasten the velcro tabs and the drawstring, and check that the sounder is firmly connected to it's cradle (if removable), and that the tilt adjusting thumbscrews on either side are tight.