Australian Blue Gum Hardwood "Priest" 4 in 1 tool

Made from Eucalyptus Hardwood -(Aust. Blue Gum) with a lead impregnated head finished with a brass insert; 6mm Iki Spike; Braid handle binding wrap; stainless steel eye screw for a lanyard, makes for a must have multi -purpose fishing companion.



This beautifully presented tool, engineered to high quality standards, provides four useful functions:


1/. As an effective Priest (pacifier)- the oval shape delivers greater impact results with less effort ..

2/. The stainles steel Iki spike for  a quick dispatch alternative..

3/. A quick measuring device. Iki spike to the top binding on the handle is 300mm

 4/. Fish mover in eskies. No more cold hands in icy slush. The non slip braid grip and iki spike moves your catch around effortlessly and effectively.


Overall length is 425mm and weights in at 350gms.



Australian Blue Gum Priest/ Pacifier 4 in 1 Tool!