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The World's Best Jetski Fishing Rig?

Matty tells us how and why he did the ski mods, his experiences, and offers some tips of his own to help fishos building a great fishing platform.

Fred's Complete Fishing Fitout!

Fred Auret's GTX230 Fishing Ski. He shows us his complete fitout!

Essential Jetski Fishing gear

What gear do Fred and I carry when we go jetski fishing? What are some of the things you should always carry?

Massive Mackerel

With a very short weather window before the effects of a cyclone are felt, I headed out with Mackerel on my mind:

Our Secret Reef Delivers

This week we head to the Sunshine Coast and try out our luck at one of our favourite places to fish. Some beautiful weather conditions gave us an awesome day out- with a few trophy catches along the way!

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