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Hot Bite! This is why Jetski Fishing is so  Addictive

Three Techniques THREE TROPHY FISH

I had a really good day out on the water over the weekend. I initially wasn't going to go out, but a friend convinced me that it was going to be good day out there. He was right! This video is the essence of why I enjoy fishing from the Waverunner.

A VERY close call out on the Waverunner! Otherwise what a great day! Three trophy fish using three different fishing techniques! Today it all came together. BUT- watch to see just how close I came to needing the accident emergency room too!

Surprise Bust Ups

Yellowfin Tuna

There's a bit of trolling, jigging, and topwater casting in this video. Plus a few fish to bring home at the end of the day!

My Ride

This video walks you through my fishing Waverunner and the accessories fitted. Check it out!

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