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How to Catch Live Bait

Using live bait just might  be your fast track to catching larger fish. I've tried several ways to minimise the time it takes to catch some "livies", and here are

some of the techniques that work for me.

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Just a quick video to explain what I found works for anchoring a jetski- both with safety and simplicity. I'm not talking about anchoring on a shoreline or very shallow water. What I mean is when you need to anchor in deeper waters and with moderate currents. Use this method for waters up to around 30m (100ft) or more if you're game!

These anchor tethers are available on the Jetfisher webshop!

Bar Crossings

This one comes from viewers requests, and i finally got some decent swell to show you how I do it. I don't often have to punch through the whitewater on my bar crossing, but when I do, here is how I do it!

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How to Fish for Spanish Mackerel

Similar to the "King Mackerel" found in the Northern Hemisphere, Spanish Mackerel are a fish prized for their aggressive nature, their huge teeth - and their wonderful taste!  This video gives you one technique to target them from your jetski.

Three Techniques

Three Trophy Fish

In this video I use three different techniques in one morning of fishing and come away with three trophy fish! Learn the different techniques and why I carry different rigs so that I can change tactics at any time!

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The Simplest Way

To catch Big Fish from a Jetski

If you're new to Jetski fishing, and you're still looking to get your first trophy fish, why not try this? Casting lures at pelagic fish while they attack bait schools is probably the simplest- yet most adrenaline filled- style of fishing for the new jetski fisho!

Going Offshore?

If you're looking at venturing further offshore in search of more trophy fish, this video runs you through some of the things you need to think about to keep yourself safe.